Maryland Birth Certificate Change

We have received community feedback that there was inability to establish contact with Ms Morris at DVR. We are working on clarifying both the procedure and point of contact.  For the time being please continue to reach out via the list contact information and let us know if you are also experiencing difficulty.

Information direct from Kathryn Morris, Birth Section Chief, DVR:
In order for the Division of Vital Records to change your sex and name on your birth
certificate, we require a Court Order indicating that both your name and sex are to be
changed. You can most likely obtain an amended Court Order to indicate the correct sex
along with your new name. We cannot change the sex on a birth certificate with just a
Physicians letter. 

[The amended birth certificate does not retain any reference to the original.] 

Once you obtain this information, send True Test Copy or Original Court Order to my
attention at the Division of Vital Records, P.O. Box 68760, Baltimore, Md. 21215-0020 c/o
Kathryn A. Morris, Birth Section Chief. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to
e-mail me or call me at (410)764-3145.