Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Does a group need to an IRS recognized organization to be relevant?

Recently a part-time blogger at a well known LBG blog suggested that a group must be a 501(c)3 or (c)4 in order to exist.

There are numerous groups which are quite relevant in the political universe which are not 501c3 or c4s. The notion that they must be regulated by the Internal Revenue Service is laughable. Ask the DC TransCoalition if they wish to be a c3 or c4? I'm positive their response will be a resounding "Hell No!"

Please take note at the time of Ms Ramseyer's statement and in fact her original post, the organization she was shilling for did not even exist in the eyes of the State of Maryland and was not and is still not an approved "501c3 nor c4" It wasn't even registered with the State of Maryland until May 24, 2011.

Let's review the "political players" in Maryland last legislative session.

Equality Maryland - Pro HB235
Trans Maryland and TransUnited- Pro amending HB235/comprehensive bill
(please note members of The Maryland Transgender Alliance lobbied with TransMaryland and TransUnited against passing a bill without public accommodations.

Status today?

Eqaulity Maryland lost most of its staff including Executive Director Morgan Menese-Sheets and its Board Chair has resigned in disgrace. They are a501c3 and have a Foundation which is a c4. They are in disarray.

TransMaryland and TransUnited welcomed the formation of MTA and encourage others to become involved in the political process. We are still " in business".

What Ms Ramseyer is truly suggesting is, unless you believe in her 'political ideology" you don't exist.

Grassroots exist for a reason. What happened to Equality Maryland should be a cautionary tale to those who wish to run roughshod over others.

We own our Voices.

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