Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Queer Eye for the Relatively Straight Forward Anti-Discrimination Bill

In his post entitled " FAIRNESS FOR ALL MARYLANDERS ACT PASSES SENATE",  David Lublin, former mayor of Chevy Chase, and former board member of Equality Maryland duing the HB 235 debackle  writes in response to the overwhelmingly large margin of passage for SB 212:

The passage of marriage equality and then the referendum vote by the people of Maryland in favor of it seems to have taken the sting out of LGBT legislation. There is a lot lest angst about voting for this relatively straightforward anti-discrimination bill now that the tide has turned on the LGBT issue which attracts the most press.

Interesting the analysis being offered.

I would counter his suggestion that CMPA and its referendum, took "the sting out of LGBT legislation."

It is more likely, based on consistent polling, that the state supports these protections more than they did SSM. In fact, most Marylanders believed these protections already existed. (I will not get into the bill of goods the trans community was "sold" in 2001)

I beleive Mr. Lublin is forgetting the Fairness for All Marylanders Act passed the Senate 32-15. Civil Marriage Protection Act only passed 25-22.

Unfortunately Mr Lublin assigns value to inorganic legislative initititaves such as the heavily financed SSM campaign as being the reason "relatively straight-forward anti-discrimination bill"s can now gain traction. No, Mr Lublin, myopic thought borne of privilege, blinds one from the truth. Yes, money makes the world go round, but "straight-forward" get's the votes all the time, when they are allowed to see the light of day.

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