Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Please Don't Feed The Meme

Nondiscrimination laws are established to mitigate the excessive hardship and suffering segments of our society can experience. My sense of morality based on my religious convictions stress the need to provide for social justice. Pope Francis expressed “Inequality is the root of social evil”. In the words of Vice President Biden, transgender discrimination is “the civil rights issue of our time”. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is taking claims of transgender discrimination to investigate and administratively adjudicate when warranted.  However there is opposition to providing anti-discrimination protection to transgender individuals because of misconceptions about gender and gender non-conformity, and over safety concerns in sex segregated spaces.  Yet because of prevalent and systemic discrimination, transgender and gender non-forming Marylanders have solid basis for why statewide protections in areas of employment, housing and public accommodations are required and should be codified into state law and thus any petition drive be rejected.

Currently seventeen states, with Maryland soon to become the eighteenth, and the District of Columbia provide for protections to transgender individuals representing 47% of the country. In Maryland, four jurisdictions, Baltimore City, Montgomery County, Howard County and Baltimore County previously established laws to provide protections for transgender individuals.These jurisdictions represent 47% of the state’s population. 

Injustice at Every Turn
, the 2011 survey conducted by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force in conjunction with the National Center of Transgender Equality, found that 71% of Maryland participants reported experiencing harassment or mistreatment on the job, while 42% experienced an adverse job action, such as being fired, not hired, or denied a promotion. Additionally 12% of respondents had a household income of $10,000 or less, compared to 4% of the general population. 
These are clear, persistent and overwhelming examples of discrimination against transgender Marylanders which deny them the opportunity to fully participate in public life, a life other Marylanders receive. The non-establishment of codified protections in the State of Maryland for individuals based on their gender identity and/ or expression will leave some Marylanders without full and equal protection which are afforded most other Marylanders.

In Macy v. Holder, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission handed down a ruling in favor of Mia Macy, a transsexual woman denied a position the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives after disclosure in a background check showed Ms. Macy was transitioning from male to female. She was prior to discovery of that fact,  been promised the position over the phone pending the background check. The EEOC stated
 “[T]he Commission hereby clarifies that claims of discrimination based on transgender status, also referred to as claims of discrimination based on gender identity, are cognizable under Title VII’s sex discrimination prohibition….”

The scope of the EEOC ruling providing protections to workers is limited. It is also an administrative ruling and as such subject to change. It is but a tool to seek a remedy. Real protections happen when statutory law is implemented fully including the enforcement vehicle. In Maryland, that vehicle is the Maryland Commission on Civil Rights. Having spoken to MCCR’s General Counsel, Glendora Hughes concerning MCCR pursuing claims after the Macy decision, she assured me until gender identity is added to the Annotated Code of Maryland, her office will not take claims based on gender identity discrimination. I have also spoken to the Executive Director of MCCR, Cleveland Horton specifically about the implementation of the Fairness for all Marylanders Act, and they are prepared to take a lead role in that charge.

Opponents to codifying protections into law have stated as their primary oppositional claim that such laws will open sex segregated spaces up to predators and cause increases in rapes and assaults by men against women. In Maryland the first jurisdiction to pass protections for transgender residents was Baltimore City in 2002. There was no opposition as this City ordinance passed without any attention from opponents. However, by the time Montgomery County passed a bill to provide protections in 2007, opposition had formed and their narrative had been developed.  The claim presented by opponents to gender identity protections in Maryland, state that men will be allowed in the lockers and restrooms with women. Furthermore that such encounter will produce increases in sexual assaults. Dr. Jacob claims assaults by strangers in bath rooms will rise.

In 2012, Dr Jacobs while testifying in opposition to the Baltimore County ordinance, continued with her claim that 4 sexual assaults were committed in Montgomery County since the successful passage of their non-discrimination ordinance.  Fortunately, Montgomery County Police Chief, J. Thomas Manger, provided a letter to the County Council in which he stated
“I am writing to clarify information that has been brought to my attention regarding alleged sexual assaults in Montgomery County. It was brought to my attention that there is an allegation stating that since the Transgender Law was passed in our county we have experienced four (4) rapes by men dressing as women and lying in wait for their victims in ladies restrooms.

The Transgender Bill was passed by the Montgomery County Council on Tuesday, November 13,2007, and it became law shortly thereafter. Since this law has been in effect, we have had no reported rapes committed in restrooms by men dressed in women's clothing.”

How prevalent should the “predator” claim be, if what is being alleged is true?

According to the US Bureau of Justice statistics the percent of sexual assault committed by a stranger was 26%. In 2010 the total reported cases of rape/sexual assault were 188,380. This means approximately 49,000 sexual assaults were the sort which Dr. Jacobs claims. However, remembering back to the statistics in reference to how much of the country is currently covered by laws protections people based on gender identity, only 47% of the county is covered. So Dr. Jacob’s claim could only have weight on approximately 23,000 of these reported cases.

Statistics suggest that with approximately 23,000 sexual assaults potentially happening in 47% of the country where gender identity laws exist; there will be examples of assaults specifically attributed to any alleged “loop hole” or "flaw" in such bills. To date, no true cases can be cited. If there was just a one-tenth of one percent spike because the claim might be true, we could find 23 cases per year. These laws have been on the books since 1975. There should be literally hundreds of incidents. We wouldn't even be having this conversation if there were. The lack of verifiable evidence and no strong argument for making claims that gender identity laws will threaten the security of women and girls in sex segregated spaces demands we reject this false claim, once and for all.

Don’t give into the fear and the misinformation, don’t sign that petition.

Visit to get the FACTS about the Fairness For All Marylanders Act.


  1. You are posting falsehoods. Women and girls have experienced plenty of predatory behavior from cross-dressing and transgender males. In fact, they rape, beat and kill women at EXACTLY the same rates as non-transgender males. The problem is MALES being given the keys to LEGALLY enter women's and girls' safe spaces. They're bigger, stronger, more likely to sexually assault (98% of rapists are male) and transwomen are no different than other males in this regard. Women and girls DO NOT want naked male bodies in our showers, locker rooms, bathrooms, dressing rooms. If we didn't have a natural modesty and need female-only privacy in these intimate situations (e.g. changing into our bathing suits), we'd just rip off our clothes in the halls or next to the pool and flash the world. But we don't because we want privacy from the too-often predatory male gaze of strangers and we do NOT want to see his parts, either (thanks but no thanks, flashers!) Why have dressing rooms for women at all if you're going to introduce strange males into the rooms? Google: Paul "Pauline" Witherspoon Dallas Texas, Michelle Kosilek, Thomas Lee Benson Milwaukie Oregon; Colleen Francis Evergreen State College, Christopher "Jessica" Hambrook Toronto - there are many cases of male transwomen and cross-dressers sexually assaulting, flashing, even killing women. Please stop posting lies that hurt females.

  2. Susan, thank you for comments

    What statement(s) is(are) falsehoods?

    The data I provided is from the federal government. The claim by Dr. Jacobs was disproven via the letter from the Montgomery County Police Chief.

    I've never been in a dressing room, whether it is at Nordstrom Rack, Kohls, Target, Macy's etc, where I'm changing in from of all other patrons using the room. They are locked enclosures with mirrors.

    As far as the items you ask to Google,

    If you are suggesting these are examples of how a law providing a transgender person full and proper access to all of the fruits of life ensured by all citizens of the country, then I sorry to inform you they do not.

    Michelle Kosilek was married to Cheryl McCaul. Ms. McCaul was NOT murdered in a public changing room, a locker room, or a restroom nor as a result of a "man" gaining access to such a space because a law like this was on the books because no such laws existed in that jurisdiction when that crime was committed. Massachusetts added their law in 2011, 21 years after this murder, and it does NOT include public accommodations. Ms Kosilek transitioned AFTER convicted of her crime.

    Colleen Francis:

    Thomas Lee Benson Milwaukie Oregon is a convicted sex offender with a record going back 17+ years. It is unlawful for him to go anywhere children are congregating, regardless of what he is wearing. "Clackamas County Circuit Judge Steven L. Maurer found Benson guilty of second-degree criminal trespass, unlawful entry into a motor vehicle and frequenting a place where children regularly congregate, which is a crime for predatory sex offenders." As with this law in Maryland, illegal acts remain illegal. In Oregon, laws are on the books to prevent discrimination for transgender people, and they too do not negate illegal activities such as those committed by Thomas Lee Benson.

    Paul "Pauline" Witherspoon Dallas Texas, there is "nothing" Not sure what you wanted to highlight, other than a tertiary source at best just repeating the same jumbled mess of words you are.

    Now, to Christopher Hambrook from Toronto. The ONLY information about this individual comes nearly two years AFTER these attacks occurred.

    The Toronto Sun writes :
    "Shortly after his mother died in Montreal in February 2002, Hambrook committed the first of his sex crimes by sexually assaulted a family friend’s five-year-old daughter. While on bail waiting for courts to deal with charges laid for that crime, he targeted a 27-year-old mentally challenged woman, by sexually assaulting her in his home and forcing her to smoke a joint.

    Hambrook received two years in jail for each of those crimes, for a total of four years.

    “He had no empathy, no remorse or understanding of his victims of his offences,” Toronto psychiatrist Dr. Treena Wilkie said in her assessment."

    This is a delusional and psychiatrically disturbed individual who clearly cannot obey any law. The presence of lack of presence of trans rights laws, did not, nor will not ever stop him as witnessed by the psychiatric testimony offered by professionals.

    These laws to not nullify laws against rape or assault. Never have, never will.