Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Stand For Fairness

TransMarylanders celebrated a big victory when the Fairnessfor All Marylanders Act passed the General Assembly, there's no denying our opponents made it ugly at times. Now they're considering an attempt to roll back the progress we've made.

Weknow the majority of Marylanders support fairness for transgender people, but misinformation is confusing even some our friends. As coalition partners we are working with the MarylandCoalition for Transgender Equality to launch a public education campaign called "Stand for Fairness."

Showthat YOU Stand for Fairness: Pledge to stand with transgender Marylanders andsupport the Fairness for All Marylanders Act.
Stand for Fairness is a multi-media campaign aimed at demonstrating the broad support for fairness for transgender Marylanders and clearing up misconceptions about the bill. With FAQs, videos highlighting transgender Marylanders and their allies, and YOUR support, we'll spread the word that Maryland stands for fairness for our entire community.

Showthat YOU Stand for Fairness: Pledge to stand with transgender Marylanders and support the Fairness for All Marylanders Act.

This is just the first step. We have work to do to uphold fairness for ALL Marylanders. 
Thousands of calls, emails, meetings with legislators and postcards from constituents made the difference during this year's legislative session. Together we can keep up the drumbeat and ensure that everyone is able to work for a living, have a roof over their head, and eat lunch at a restaurant without being denied basic rights just for being transgender.

Keep an eye out for more Stand for Fairness actions, and let us know you stand for fairness by signingthe pledge today. Then help spreadthe word on social media to engage your friends and community.